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Find below our best tips for EDITING your templates in Cardcanva and PRINTING them.

Some of those tips are directly available in the application's top bar, look for the Help icon

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How to

Open my card design in Cardcanva?

Open "Your Cards panel" on the right of you screen, then select the template you want to open.

My texts are difficult to read?

Some fonts look better and crisper with smaller text size than others. You can choose any of our designer, calligraphy or basic font on the top right of your app. We offer a huge selection of fonts, so if you don't like how a font look like, you can change it!

Save my work with Cardcanva?

To save your work, click on "Save" button in the top menu bar. Click on "Undo/Redo" buttons to undo/redo recent changes. Your change history and your work will be saved on the cloud, under your unique order ID.

Download my finished work?

Happy with your work? Download your printable templates in 3 different formats for printing or sharing


To download your template as high quality PDF, click on Download button and then click PDF. You can choose to add crop mark for easy trimming. There are 4 printing modes available. Your seller will have chosen the most appropriate option for your design but you can always override this option to match your needs. Friendly note: given the high-resolution of the designs, the PDF file may take some time to be created (1-2 minutes) and downloaded (10-20 MB are typical).


To download your template as high quality JPEG, click the Download button and then click JPEG. You can choose to add 1/8" bleed to the JPEG. Most professional printers will ask for bleed. Cardcanva will create a zip archive that contains one file for each page of your design.


To download a PNG image of your template for web or email use, click the Download button and then click PNG. We recommend this option for sharing the picture on the web or sending it by email as it creates lower resolution images.

Share my card with my friends?

Click the Share button in the top bar to share your design online.


This option creates and send a HTML-enabled email to your friends, with a unique link to view your card inside the email.


This option will share a Facebook® link and a new post on your Facebook® profile, with a link to a magnified version of your card. (requires a Facebook® account).

Printing Tips

Print at home

Printing at home is an easy and inexpensive option for most templates (exclusing signs and seatings charts that are larger than 8.5x11"). Here are some tips:
  • Download your template as 'US Letter' size or A4 PDF to print on 'US Letter' or A4 paper and then trim them. Selecting the option 'Show Trim Marks' when creating the PDF will help you!
  • Download your template as Single JPEG to print on pre-cut photo papers (you can buy 3.5x5", 4x6" or 5x7" pre-cut photo papers)
  • Select "100%" or "Actual Size" and deselect "Fit" or "Scale to fit" in the printing options. Otherwise the printer will change the size of the card to fit the paper.
  • Select "High-resolution" setting in the printing options.
  • Test print to make sure your print settings are correct.
  • The colors seen on your monitor may vary slightly when printed on paper. Test print one copy first and adjust the colors for the template if necessary.

Print at a print shop or online

  • You can print the JPEG files with bleed as pre-cut invitation or card with an online printer such as, or You can also print your JPEG with a brick and mortar professional printer such as Costco, Staples or UPS “Professional Printing” services. These professional printers will need the JPEG file with BLEED (Do not forget to select the appropriate option in Cardcanva when generating the High-Quality JPEG files). It’s a cutting margin for printing; if the file doesn’t have Bleed it will appear to be cut-off on the borders.
  • You can print the JPEG file as photo/photo card with photo printers like Walmart or Walgreens but you won’t be able to print the back. It’s a more budget-friendly printing option. These printers usually don’t need bleed.
  • You can print the letter size PDF file as document (Letter size: 8.5x11”) or flyer at any high-street printer like Staples, Office Depot, FedEx, Office Max, Costco etc. They will have a self-service Office Printer in shop. It usually costs 0.20$ to 1$ to print one page with 2 cards on it. You can then trim the cards or ask them to trim the cards.
  • How to send the files to your printer? You can usually either upload the files on your print shop's website, put them on a USB key and bring it to your print shop or send the files by email to your print shop.
  • Please be sure to check the resolution with your printer (which should be “High-Resolution”), you will also be able to choose the paper (Heavy White Cardstock Paper is good but they may have more high-end options) Also, please be sure to use the Letter-size PDF files for DOCUMENT PRINTING & the JPEG file for PRE-CUT INVITATION or PHOTO CARD printing.
  • You will have fewer options for larger signs or seating charts printing. Most copy printer and photo printers will accept 8.5x11" as their largest size. For 18x24" or larger signs, we recommend printing with professional printers.

Which paper to choose?

  • It’s best to print on thick card stock paper. We recommend 90lb or more. Most home printers will comfortably print on 90-110lb card stock paper.
  • If you don't want to trim your cards, you might want to purchase pre-cut papers with dimensions that matches your design: 5x7" paper for 5x7" card for example. The size of each design appears below it.
  • If you added a colored background to your design, the background will be embedded in your printable file, so you will be able to print it on white paper.

What are the different "printing modes" for PDF files?

When creating the PDF file, you have the option to select one of the following printing modes. Your choice will depend on the type of printable and the desired printing method.

Standard: Standard PDF file will be the exact size of the template - with no borders. If you have a 5x7" card, the PDF created with standard mode will be 5x7" as well. We recommend this mode for invitations, menus or programs front and back printing. Friendly tip: when printing, select "actual size" on your printer.

Leaflet: Leaflet mode puts side to side (with no space in between) two pages. If you have a foldable program template, leaflet mode will put the two inside pages (typically left and right pages with different texts) side by side with no white space between them, so you can print the program and fold it! We recommend this mode for folded programs or leaflets printing.

Repeat copies: Repeat mode allows you to repeat the same design as many times as possible on one sheet of paper. If you want to print multiple times the same table number on one PDF page, choose this option. We recommend this mode for batch printing of identical tags, thank you cards, recipe cards and the like.

Optimize paper usage: Optimize paper usage mode places as many pages of the template as possible on the paper. If you have a canvas with two (or more) different numbers of the table card opened on it, this option will create a PDF with all the different versions (with different numbers) of the table card. We recommend this option for table cards and placement cards.

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