Get started with Cardcanva

How to open Cardcanva?

After purchase, you will receive a unique link to access your template. You will be able to open the link and use Cardcanva on any laptop or computer. Cardcanva has been tested on 50+ browsers. For the best usability, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome browsers.

Can I edit on Tablets or smartphone?

Cardcanva is not optimized for Tablets and smartphones, so we recommend using it on laptops or computers.

Can I come back later? Does the link expires?

Your unique link to access your template never expires! You can always come back to edit your template and download it.

When I click on the button "Edit your cards" from Cardcanva email, nothing happens or I got an error message?

It's likely that your email client or antivirus software changed the link from Cardcanva. Use instead the link displayed in plain text in the same email and copy/paste it directly in your browser.

How to find my cards & templates?

Find all your purchased cards and templates in all available sizes in the "Your Cards" category on the left side panel and click on one card to load it.
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How to find the template size I want in the "Found your order" popup window?

Find all the sizes by scrolling down using the wheel button on your mouse.
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Basic Cardcanva options

Basic Cardcanva buttons

Find a summary of the basic Cardcanva buttons in the picture below
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How to save my template?

Save your work with the "Save" button on the top bar to come back at any time. You can edit and download your template as many times as you want!
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How to duplicate my template or add a back?

Duplicate a template by clicking on the "Duplicate this card" button under it. You can then edit and use the new template as a back or as another template or page.
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How to delete my template?

Delete a template by click on the "Delete this card" button under it.
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How to restore my template to the original design and remove all my changes?

Click on the "Reset" button on the top bar to reset all the changes you have made and restore the template back to the original design
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How to undo my last change?

Click on the "Undo/Redo" button on the top bar to undo/redo recent changes. Only the changes performed in the current session can be undone.
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How to zoom in on my template?

Find the zoom buttons with + (zoom in) or - (zoom out) on the bottom left of your canvas. You can use the "Fit to screen" button next to the + (zoom in) or - (zoom out) buttons to reset the zoom. Clicking on the zoom percentage number will set the zoom to 100%.
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How to navigate the canvas when zoomed in?

Use the window scroll bars to navigate in zoom mode.
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How to share my card with my friends?

Click on the "Share" button on the top bar to share your design online.


This option creates and sends a HTML-enabled email to your friends, with a unique link to view your card inside the email.


This option will share a Facebook® link and a new post on your Facebook® profile, with a link to a magnified version of your card. (requires a Facebook® account).

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