Background editing basics

How to find the backgrounds?

Find all available backgrounds in the left panel, under "Backgrounds". Roll down with your mouse to see all the backgrounds. Then click on the background you would like to use. Some backgrounds come with multiple sizes and orientations. You can try them all to see which one fits better your template. Those backgrounds are high-resolution files so it can take a couple of seconds for them to be displayed on your canvas.
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How to change the transparency of my background?

Using the background opacity tool under "Backgrounds", you will be able to make the background more or less transparent.
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How to add a layer of color to my background?

You can add a layer of color to a background to change its shade of color:
  • Select first a background color from the "Backgrounds" menu.
  • Select the Background Picture you want from the background menu.
  • You can then adjust the opacity of the background using the Background Opacity button to "mix" the background color and the background picture.
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More questions

How to print colored backgrounds?

The backgrounds are embedded in the template - so you will be able to print any of the colored background on white paper.

How to print on colored papers?

If you don't select any background, the template will print with transparent background, so it will work well for colored papers (like kraft papers). We recommend using paper that's not too dark, so tha the texts are easy to read.

Can I print white texts on dark papers?

It's not possible to print white texts on dark papers (like chalkboard papers), since most printers can't actually print white color (there is no white ink).

For a white text on dark colored background look, I would recommend using one of Cardcanva's dark backgrounds with white colored font and print on white paper.

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