Design editing basics

How to move a design element?

Click on a design element to move it around the canvas.

How to delete a design element?

Click on a design element to select it. Then click on the "Delete" button on the text editing bar or on the "Delete" button on your keyboard to delete the design element.
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How to resize a design element?

Press the "Alt" key ("Option" key on Mac) + pull at the same time on a corner of the design element to resize it while keeping the same aspect ratio.

How to separate design elements?

Some design elements come as a block for easy editing. You can separate the elements with the "Ungroup" option. Then you will be able to move and edit them individually.
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How to clone a design element?

Choose the design element you would like to clone and then click on the "Clone Object" button on the top text editing bar.
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How to add a color to a design element?

  • Picture design elements' colors aren't editable since it's not technically possible to edit a photo or picture.
  • Vector design elements, including the ones you'll be able to choose on Cardcanva under "Ornaments" on the left panel, are editable in color. Click on the vector design element and select the color you would like to use from the Color Panel on the top editing toolbar.
You can check the listing description to see if the design elements are editable.
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Find more design elements to choose from

Cardcanva offers more design elements to choose from on the left panel under "Ornaments". Roll down with your mouse to see all the ornaments. Click on a design element to add it on your template.
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I cannot move some design element anymore?

It's likely that the element has been "Locked". Use the "Unlock" button on the top toolbar to unlock it.
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How to manage overlapping designs elements?

You can can the layering of the elements by send design elements backward or forward with the "Bring Forward" & "Send Backward" buttons available in the dropdown menu accessible on the right of the main toolbar. This is useful if for example, you want to see a flower in front of another one or want a text element to be displayed over a decor.
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