Download Basics

How to download my printable files?

Once you're done with editing your template, you will find the options to download your printable files on the top right bar under "Download". Since the files are large high-resolution files, it can take up to 2 minutes to download them. Larger JPEG files may come as a ZIP for easy downloading.

How many times can I download my printable files?

You can download your printable files as many times as you want. We recommend trying different download options to see which one suits better your printing needs.
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Download options

Which download options are available?

We offer a large selection of printing format: It’s very convenient as you could easily choose any printing method you like!
  • Single JPEG – for photo card printing (at photo printers such as Walgreens or Walmart) or home printing
  • Single JPEG with bleed – for professional printing (such as Staples or Local Printers) and online printers (, or similar)
  • PDF with multiples template on each page – for home and office printer or printing at a copy center (Staples, OfficeMax, Fedex or similar) You will have the choice to add trim marks to help trimming.
  • PNG - for emailing, sharing online and on social media. PNGs are lower screen resolution pictures, and are perfect for sharing the picture on the web.
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How to download my files with multiple templates on each page?

With the downloading mode "Optimize paper usage" under Download > High-Quality PDF for Printing, you will be able to download your PDF with as many successive templates as possible on one PDF US-Letter or A4 page. The option 'Repeat copies' will repeat each template as many times as possible on the US-Letter or A4 page (it is ideal for identical tags or thank you cards.
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How to download my files for home printing?

You can download your template as "US-Letter" size or A4 PDF files to print on A4 or US-Letter paper. The trim mark option will help you trim your cards.
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You can also download your template as "single JPEG" to print on pre-cut photo papers (you will be able to buy 3.5x5", 4x6" and 5x7" pre-cut papers)
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How to download my files for an online printer or a print shop?

If you are printing with an online professional printer or a professional brick and mortar printer (like, Shutterfly or Staples professional printing services), you should choose the JPEG file with "Add bleed" option under download>JPEG, you will be able to download a single JPEG file with bleed margin (standard 1/8" bleed) for professional printing.
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If you are printing with a photo printer (like Walgreens or Walmart), you should choose the JPEG file without any bleed under download>JPEG. These printers don't offer back printing but are more budget-friendly.
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If you are printing with a document printer (like Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, FedEx etc.), you should choose the lettersize PDF file under download>PDF. These print shops will have a self-service Office Printer. You will be able to print your PDF and then trim your cards.
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How to download my files for double-sided front & back card printing?

For front & back printing with a professional printer, we recommend downloading individual front & back JPEG files with bleed under Download>JPEG. You will then be able to upload the JPEGs on your printer's website or email them to your printer.
For front & back printing at home, we recommend downloading individual front & back JPEG files under download>JPEG. Using pre-cut 5x7" cards (or another size that fits your card's size), print the front JPEG first, then turn the card over, put it back in the printer and print the back JPEG. It's more time consuming and less practical to print at home and you will need some practice to align the cards correctly with your printer.

How to download my files for front & back fan program printing?

You will be able to print the front & back of the fan program as 2 different cards (as single JPEGs or as a PDF file and them trim the cards), then stick the front and back of the program together on a stick with a glue.
You will also be able to print the front and back of the fan program one next to each other on a PDF page. Then trim around them before folding the page in the middle around a stick. We recommend to use the 'Leaflet' printing mode in the PDF Download menu in that case.


It takes too long to download my files.

Since the files are large high-resolution files, it can take up to a few minutes to download them. If the download doesn't happen after 5 minutes, if could be because of your browser' security settings (in rare cases, some browsers won't allow download of larger files). In this case we recommend using Chrome or Firefox browsers instead, you won't have any problem downloading your files.

Even if I make changes to the template, it seems I always download the same file and my changes are not reflected?

Your browser may have some issues refreshing new content from Cardcanva, you can clear your browser cache or do a hard refresh by clicking on "Ctrl" and "F5" buttons at the same time or "Ctrl" and "Reload" buttons at the same time.

My browser freezes when I download my 18x24 or 24x36 sign in JPEG format.

Those high resolution files can be very large and require a large amount of memory from your browser to be generated. Try closing some application and downgrade to 150 dpi download option for a smaller file. If nothing works contact Cardcanva and we will download and send out the file directly to your email.

My Fonts appears strangely on my PDF download and the font spacing is weird.

Since the fonts are "embedded" in the PDF file, if you have an older version of PDF reader, some fonts may not be compatible with your PDF reader and will show incorrectly. Cardcanva has been extensively tested, but in rare cases, some fonts may not be compatible with some older versions of PDF reader for download.
We would recommend:
  • Downloading the files as JPEGs instead - since JPEG files are pictures, the fonts are not "embedded" and you will not have compatibility issues.
  • Contact your seller or Cardcanva once you are done editing your template, so that your seller or Cardcanva download the PDF file for you and send it to you by email.

When I print my PDF at the print shop, some text that were not displayed appear.

Due to the processing of the text by professional printers, in rare case, some "hidden" texts you may have created and forgot about (for example, texts colored in white on white background or texts scaled down very small) become visible once printed. The solution is to truly delete those unwanted text boxes from the template in Cardcanva: by selecting a large area with your mouse, you can highlight any hidden texts and delete them when necessary.

A colored box appears around a text box when downloading my PDF or JPEG file.

You are downloading your file while editing a text box. You can end the editing process by clicking outside the text box to deselect it and download again.

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